Enhance your Virtual Platform with Simultaneous Interpretation (SI), SI + AI Recognized Subtitles and AI Translated Subtitles function.

Let your clients:

  • Host multilingual meetings.
  • Stream their content in multiple languages reaching more markets and wider audience.

Video Streaming (HLS) platforms

The RTMP approach is ideal for video streaming platforms using HLS protocol, YouTube or Vimeo.

The reason is, the HLS protocol has a latency of 5~40 seconds depending on the audience internet. In order to send to your audience synchronized video with the interpreted audio and the subtitles, the best is you provide us for each language a push RTMP URL to where we will send the orginal video with the interpreted audio and the subtitles already synchronized.

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How to start?

  1. Go to rsi.akkadu.com/dashboard
  2. Generate an API Key and associate a domain to that Key (if you are on localhost no need domain)
  3. Use the dashboard or REST API to:
    • Create an event
    • Share original stream (Please use flv, m3u8 or rtmp)
    • Assign languages
    • Choose between:
      1. Simultaneuos Interpretation (SI),
      2. SI + AI Recognized Subtitles or,
      3. AI Translated Subtitles
    • Assign interpreters (Only applicable for Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) and SI + AI Recognized Subtitles)
    • For each language insert a push RTMP URL (Here you will receive the synchronized video with the interpreted audio or subtitles)