Step by step tutorial

1. Generate your SDK KEY

  • Go on your dashboard and generate your key.
  • You must associate to that SDK key one origin(The domain name that you will use with our API).

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2. Get the supported languages

3. Create an Event.

You can use POST Event endpoint to create an event.

  "name": "My SDK Event", //Event readable name
  "streamType": "rtmp", // Type of stream. 
  "streamUrl": "rtmp://your-stream", //The stream of your event. This stream will be shown to the interpreters.
  "startDate": 1630496799164, // Starting date/time of your event
  "endDate": 1630501799164 // Ending date/time of your event
  "floorLanguage": "en-US" // The main language of your event

4. Get your event's list

You can use your dashboard or GET event list endpoint to get your event's list.

5. Create an account for your interpreters.

  • Create accounts for your interpreters in Akkadu.
  • The interpreters must exist before you can add them to an event.

6. Add a target language

Using the edit language endpoint you can add the target language and specify the interpreters.

  "languageCode": "es-ES", // Language Code
  "pair1": "", // Interpreter's email *
  "pair2": "" // Interpreter's email 
  • Each language of your event must have at least one interpreter.
    • Usually, the interpretation is performed by a pair of interpreters.
  • The interpreter must have previously registered in Akkadu Dashboard
  • The chosen language code can't be the same as the floor.(The original language of your event)

7. Start your interpretation on Akkadu.

  • Go on akkadu and connect with your interpreter account.
  • If you are using a RTMP stream you will have to start the stream with an EO account. (Contact-us at and we will guide you).
  • You can see all your SDK KEYS, events and costs from your dashboard

Any Questions?

  • Contact-us at