Akkadu Multilingual SDK

Enhance your Virtual Platform with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) and AI Subtitles with just one SDK.

Why set up RSI or AI subtitles on your platform?

To let your clients:

  • Host multilingual meetings.
  • Stream their content in multiple languages reaching more markets and wider audience.

All you need to satisfy your client's Translation requirements in Just One SDK!

Why work with Akkadu?

  1. Easy
    • Our Vue.js, React.js and VanillaJavascript.js examples are ready to be tested.
    • With our REST API you can seamlessly manage the whole process.
    • You can offer your clients RSI or AI Subtitles on-the-go, allowing them to choose between:
      • RSI or AI Subtitles.
      • Own interpreters or Akkadu interpreters (For RSI).
  2. Transparent
    • You can always check your dashboard data analytics to see the usage of each SDK Key and event.
  3. Experience
    • More than 5 years in the tech translation industry collaborating with Audi, Harvard, LinkedIn, etc.

How to set up RSI and AI subtitles on your platform ?

  1. Go to rsi.akkadu.com/dashboard
  2. Generate an SDK Key and associate a domain to that Key (if you are on localhost no need domain)
  3. Use our REST API to:
    • Create an event
    • Assign languages
    • Choose between RSI or AI subtitles
    • Assign interpreters (For RSI)
  4. Add our player widget in your audience event page

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