Enhance your Virtual Platform with Simultaneous Interpretation (SI), SI + AI Recognized Subtitles and AI Translated Subtitles with just one SDK.

Let your clients:

  • Host multilingual meetings.
  • Stream their content in multiple languages reaching more markets and wider audience.

Video Conferencing (WebRTC) platforms

The SDK is ideal for video conferencing platforms using WebRTC.

The reason is the SDK, which you will integrate in your audience page, also uses WebRTC (latency <500ms) to receive the interpreted audio and the subtitles. Meaning if your platform uses WebRTC, your audience page's video will always be synchronized with the interpreted audio and subtitles.

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How to start?

  1. Go to
  2. Generate an API Key and associate a domain to that Key (if you are on localhost no need domain)
  3. Use the dashboard or REST API to:
    • Create an event
    • Insert the original stream (We recommend to use iframe)
    • Assign languages
    • Choose between:
      1. Simultaneuos Interpretation (SI),
      2. SI + AI Recognized Subtitles or,
      3. AI Translated Subtitles
    • Assign interpreters (Only applicable for: Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) and SI + AI Recognized Subtitles)
  4. Add our SDK in your audience event page
  5. Insert your API Key and room name in the SDK