The properties for the interpretation player

sdkKeyYour API key generated in your dashboardtruestring: sdk_key_XXXXnull
isPlayerControlledWorks only for <video> tag. If the value is true we will control your player and mute/unmute your stream for you. If set to false, you will have to implement it when receiving our event : on-language-selected. See the diagramfalseboolean: truefalse
roomNameYou can either add your roomName as a query parameter or as a propertie morefalsestring: "abcd""abcd"
hasSubtitlesYou can enable subtitles with this prop. You must contact us before the event to enable subtitles at The subtitles's widget must also be implemented. See docfalseboolean:truefalse

Additional props

To further customize the interpretation player you can use the following props.

displayFlagTo hide or show the flag in widget optionsfalsebooleantrue
placeholderTextTo set the text of the header when no language is selectedfalsestringSelect a language
widgetWrapperClassTo set a custom class for RSI widget wrapper, it also wraps the refresh button.falsestringnone
dropdownWrapperClassTo set a custom class for the dropdown wrapper excluding the refresh button.falsestringnone
headerClassTo set a custom class for the widget header.falsestringnone
optionsWrapperClassTo set a custom class for option items wrapper.falsestringnone
optionItemClassTo set a custom class for option item.falsestringnone
selectedOptionClassTo set a custom class for selected option.falsestringnone
refreshButtonClassTo set a custom class for refresh button, refresh button appears when the stream is stuck.falsestringnone

For VanillaJS version all the props should be prefixed with data-* and instead of camelcase kebab-case should be used e.g. data-display-flag