Error Messages

When you use our interpretation-player the SDK may return error message:

  • Your apiKey doesn't have an event with the roomName: abcd :

    The roomname added to your audience page doesn't match the roomName associated to the events of that apiKey.

    When creating an event with the interpretation-manager you should get in response a roomName. You then have to use as a query parameter on your audience page that same roomName.

    More info here)

  • The origin: doesn't match the origin accepted by your apiKey: xx_your_api_key

    Each apiKey can only have one origin. You can create a new apiKey in your dashboard and associate an origin(website) to it.

    If you are using our widget on localhost, you should not get any origin issues.

  • apiKey or roomName is not defined

    Our interpretation-player has apiKey or/and roomName being undefined.